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Atomize Design System V1.1 for Figma πŸ’œπŸš€

Hi everyone,

I'm releasing an update(V1.1) to Atomize Design System for Figma. This version utilizes the new variants and auto-layout capabilities. I'd love your suggestions and feedback to improve it further πŸ™‚

Existing users will get this upgrade for FREE!

- Sign in to your Gumroad account and go to your product library OR

- Email me to generate your purchase receipt

If you still don't have the full version yet, get 30% OFF by using discount code: "feelinglucky" - offer limited to 50 licenses.

Follow Atomize on Twitter @atomizedesign for more updates and make sure you tweet your reviews. I would also appreciate it if you spread the word about Atomize in your community.

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